Confessions of a Teen Prostitute
I need to talk about what I have done. I wanna start from the beginning. I am at the beginning.

I’m not the runaway child that had no other source of income so they had to stand in a street corner and fuck their lives away to survive. I respect these girls for they are trying to survive. But me? I’m something else. Something much worse. I mean I have a roof over my, I have shoes on my feet, and I have food in my kitchen. I don’t have everything but I have what I need without having to scavenge around.

What I do- I tempt unsuspecting guys online with pictures of semi-revealing pictures in order to get them to  send me money that I can claim. After that they owe me for a month. It is up to them how many months they want to play with me for. 

Why I do it- To be honest I don’t know. Maybe it’s to put excitement in my boring life. Or even just to feel better about myself. 

How old  I am- I am 16.

What I’ve done- I’ve masturbated online through webcam, sent explicit pictures and written material, and taken pictures of me with other guys.